We offer an extra bonus of up to 20,000 PLN for signing a lease agreement.

A key element allowing the implementation of a photovoltaic farm investment is having suitable land that meets a range of necessary criteria. Currently, we have a land database undergoing analysis for power grid connection conditions, covering an area of approximately 500 hectares. If you are a landowner and your land meets the criteria described below, please contact us. We will even pay you an extra 20,000 PLN. Contact us at phone: 574 063 192, email:, or through our contact form.

  • Initial parameters:
    • 1.2 hectares per 1 MW, minimum of 1 hectare,
    • Access to a public road,
    • Only IV, V, or VI soil class, meadows, or fallow land,
    • Medium voltage overhead power line on or near the plot (up to 500 m), preferably with a nearby GPZ transformer station,
    • The land should be flat or sloping towards the south, free of trees and shading,
    • Preferably no local spatial development plan (MPZP),
    • The property should not be located in Natura 2000 areas, nature reserves, landscape parks, etc.
  • Necessary information:
    • Plot number and location, and if possible, the land register number,
    • Photos of the property.
  • Ground Lease Agreement:
    • The agreement is entered into for a specified period of time (25-30 years),
    • The lease rent is payable from the start of the PV installation construction, and until then, the lessor can normally use the land,
    • The amount of the rent ranges from 15,000 to even 20,000 PLN per hectare annually, depending on the type of land, its availability, and location,
    • There is a possibility to include a clause for the purchase of the land after the construction of the PV farm at a pre-determined attractive price.