One of the key areas of our business model is the preparation and commercialization of photovoltaic farm projects. Our activities are focused on several dimensions:

  1. project preparation stage
    1. ready-to-build projects with construction permits
    2. projects with a successful bid in URE auctions
    3. projects with completed construction and operational installations
    • ready-to-build projects with construction permits
      1. small installations (1-2 MW)
      2. farm parks (up to 10 MW)
      3. large installations (above 30 MW)
    • project acquisition method
      1. based on acquired land
      2. based on purchasing projects from the market

    Our goal is to build a portfolio of packaged projects ready to offer to institutional investors (investment funds) and private investors that are legally sound (self-developed projects or acquired projects after thorough due diligence). These projects will be based on high-quality components and will offer contracted energy sales, aiming for the shortest possible return on investment period. Currently, we are working on projects with capacities in the range of several tens of MW.