For investors interested in investing in photovoltaic farms, we offer full investment management services that include:

  • Preparation of a full business plan for the project
  • Formation and management of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) dedicated to project implementation
  • Acquisition of suitable land for the installation or project management on entrusted land
  • Obtaining all necessary administrative approvals, including environmental impact assessment reports, grid connection conditions, and construction permits
  • Participation in auctions organized by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE)
  • Acquisition of external financing
  • Obtaining energy production concessions
  • Execution of construction and assembly works or contractor selection
  • Management of energy sales
  • Servicing and maintenance of the installations
  • Assistance in project commercialization if such a decision is made

We have recently completed the first phase of constructing a 10 MW farm park for a financial investor. To facilitate this, the SPV company „Volta 4 Sp. z o.o.” was established. The first farm has already been implemented in Wińsko, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, with a capacity of 0.997 MW. This installation operates under the auction system. Another farm with a capacity of 0.77 MW on the same site is in the final stages of implementation. The remaining installations are currently being prepared in terms of design and formal requirements.

The completion of the entire project is planned by the end of 2024. The subsequent stages of constructing our own PV farms will be carried out depending on the pace of acquiring investment land.